瓦片長度: 442 mm
瓦片寬度: 258 mm
平方米重量: 43.52 /Kg
平方米使用量: 12.8 /片



TB-4® roof tile is an exclusive one piece high profile S-interlocking roof tile design that combines the curved profile as a cover-pan result (curved roof tile effect) patented as waterproof assembly in vertical rows and horizontal courses.

The effect of S-interlocking TB-4® roof tile on deck is 50 units per sq.m. curved roof tiles, with the installation of just over 12 tiles.

Fits small deviations both false angle section as rounded decks without cuts, thanks to its lateral interlocking area.

Approximate values: If the roof tiles are installed on battens, the useful length must be calculated on site. A tolerance of ± 2% is allowed on the dimensions of the roof tiles according to UNE – EN 1024.
Type: Double lateral overlapping and double Lengthinal overlapping. Installation must comply with Code of practice for the design and fixing of roofs with clay roofing tiles for the region and Tejas Borja specifications.
(*) Check pitch pannel according to the roof length and the geographical area.