瓦片長度: 457 mm
瓦片寬度: 510 mm
平方米重量: 36 /Kg
平方米使用量: 5,5 /片
吸水率: <3%



The FLAT-5XL® is another example of the innovation, development and improvement of our products which, together with our exclusive BorjaJET finishing technology, can make architects’ impossible dreams a reality.
The largest ceramic roof tile ever made.

  • High performance in installation (5 units/sq.m.)
  • Wide range of finishes (BorjaJET exclusive)

FLAT-5XL® BorjaJET is a product award-winning of Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019

Approximate values: If the roof tiles are installed on battens, the useful length must be calculated on site. A tolerance of ± 2% is allowed on the dimensions of the roof tiles according to UNE-EN 1024.
(*) In zone 1 (protected area), arranged in staggered formation with waterproof laminate and batten distance of 340 mm on a skirt of up to 6.5 m. Check pitch pannel according to the roof length and the geographical area according to UNE-EN 136020.