鄉澤企業是西班牙瓦第一品牌 TEJAS BORJA(博哈)授權台灣總代理。 博哈全系列的屋瓦製品及相關陶製及金屬配件;包含西班牙瓦、平板瓦、C型瓦、高分子透氣防水毯、金屬掛瓦條等等;產品多樣,色彩豐富,最能符合客戶對各式風格的建築物需求。

歐洲是我們最嚮往去旅遊或居住的地方,那裡的自然及人文景觀和歐洲人對色彩的美學涵養都讓我們深深著迷,並留下深刻印象。 歐洲最讓人津津樂道的部分當屬建築之美,而屋瓦正是最具標幟性的一項建築材料,特別是地中海南歐風情幾乎就是屋瓦身影的投射。 當你想建造歐洲風情別墅,或是翻修舊房時,想取得原汁原味的歐洲建築材料來一圓夢想,西班牙瓦絕對是不二選擇。 鄉澤了解你的需求,引進最具有歐洲風情的各式屋瓦,和現代風及工業風平板瓦, 各種樣式的建築風格,提在鄉澤 或博哈是用的優質瓦片。


陶瓦可隔絕太陽幅射熱傳導,且使用瓦片交疊鋪設於屋面時,可產生隔熱的空氣間距,讓屋頂空氣產生對流,大量減少熱傳導,進而調節屋內空氣溫度, 增加空調冷房效率因而大大降低節節升高的電費。竭誠歡迎建築師、建設公司、設計師、營造廠及自地自建之客戶洽詢。

Countryland Enterprises Co is Tejas Borja’s exclusive distributor in Taiwan.
Countryland sells full range of Tejas Borja’s roofing products include ; all types of clay rooftiles, accessories, and roofing materials.
When travelling to Europe, people have the opportunity to discover some truly amazing places, but no other country made you feel more alive and inspired than Spain, with its monumental cities, dazzling coasts, and gloriously laid-back way of life. Some countries are full of character and man-made architectural wonders, others have nature on their side. Spain excels in each and every one of them, offering travelers a wealth of natural beauty, along with fascinating history, and a cultural scene that’s both deep and authentic as well as creative and innovative. What impressing most in your mind ; it is the astonishing sight on colorful rooftile which is ubiquitous in cities and rural villages.
However, when it comes to build your own dream house, you think of the rooftile in Spain, and soon you feel desperate on sourcing same products in Taiwan. From now and onward, Countryland supply full ranges of rooftile products from Tejas Borja’s, who manufactures every type of rooftile you saw in Spain or other European countries. With Tejas Borja roofing tiles, you bring back Mediterranean charm to your dream house.
With global warming getting serious and overwhelm every corner of the world, thermo insulation becomes a “must” concern when designing a new house or renovate an old one. Clay rooftile is definitely the best solution to expel solar heat and provide excellent protection for your house as well as ensure a comfortable place for your families to rest.
With Countryland and Tejas Borja’s products can surely meet all the needs of roofing professionals, architects, restorer and designer.